Our warehouse

The storage facility is located 20 km away from MKAD via Dmitrovskoye road.

You don’t need to go to the suburbs of Moscow. We pick up the items. You can add to your belongings in case you forgot to store them or return them. Do so via the Terminal. It’s free of charge. All the heavy stuff, such as furniture, technical equipment and layout of the Iron Throne is our responsibility to pick up as soon as you need it. Just let us know.

The storage for personal items and oversized stuff is not split in the "Cherdak". They are just two sections within the warehouse. For example, motorcycles have their own area, and the furniture has its own area. These zones do not intersect but are equally carefully guarded. Only the movers and storage men are allowed to enter and leave the warehouse with the use of a special entry permit. The warehouse is guarded by 24 video cameras placed along the premises of the warehouse. Observation zones intersect, which is why there are no blind spots. And Ocean’s friends have no chance.

The “Cherdak” is a heated warehouse storage. The balcony and the space in the hall is not enough for storing items, no matter what the stairwell neighbor says. Something will surely disappear or become damp, bit this will not happen with us. The average temperature on the shelves is +18 ° С. It can fluctuate by 3-5 degrees, but gradually, so that the items do not acquire a characteristic smell “from the mezzanine”, we regularly ventilate the storage and invite cleaners every week. The “Cherdak” is not only more reliable, but also cleaner than the garage.

The “Cherdak” storage center is simple. A huge rectangular-shaped room - shelving, pallets, and reach trucks. Each customer will have one pallet or several pallets with a common number. Each item is attached to the pallet with a film. Upholstered furniture is palletized entirely before loading into the shelve. Here in the warehouse dust does not get under polyethylene, thus the upholstery does not deteriorate. We recycle the film from unsuccessful packaging or after a partial return. We appreciate if you do the same.

The application or personal profile is your virtual storage space. You can see the photos of your belongings and barcodes on them. We use codes as part of the navigation system for your items. To store household items you simply log where you put the winter stroller or mixer. When you have 10,000 prams and mixers, you no longer rely on memory. Thus, we mark the items of each client, and transfer the codes of the pallet.

You can see the codes from the application, we see them from the items management system. In your pictures you will see boxes, kitchen facades, a home cinema in a box, we have a place and a shelf. Coordinates for storekeepers. That is why we always know which items you’re storing and where it is located. You can forget, but the “Cherdak” remembers. Work at the warehouse keeps you organized.

In accordance with an offer, you give us the right to store your belongings, but not to dispose of them. Keep this in mind when reading about unscrupulous repositories and one-day companies. Basically, the services of the “Cherdak” are the rental of a place to store your items. It’s more modern, simpler and not as expensive as the professional segment. It does not imply the transfer of ownership. Without your awareness and confirmation even a handkerchief will not disappear from the pallets. If you have doubts, just request pictures of the stored items through your personal account. It's free. You can also order the return of any of your belongings there.

We are talking only about two ways to store tires. What can you do - seasonality. Ways actually three. We use everything, regardless of the tariff. You want, for example, to suspend wheels with disks, and do not store in a stack - just write. We have special mounts. On the An adjacent suspension can store your bike. It’s not possible to hang up unless the LCD panel or carpet. Warehouse we, of course, are warm, but not so homely and lamp-like.

Renting a warehouse for storing things is not a unique service. We know our business colleagues and neighbors. And we are aware that The “Cherdak” is not the only one, but it is the special one. It is convenient and practical, with reasonable consumption, willingness to share and save the environment. We keep the space clean and free of trash. Moscow itself, in our opinion, is about updating, not about rubbish. So love yourself, keep only the right things!

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