Safety of items

The "Cherdak" team makes effort to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure.

Proper packaging is the key to safe and secure items. We use 15 types of packaging materials - bubble wrap for fragile, soft fillers for boxes, blankets for furniture. At the time of the item delivery the mover packs each item.

We pack fragile items in bubble wrap. Crockery, vases, glasses in wrapping paper.

Our movers are good at packing, loading, and transporting stuff since we train them on a regular basis. They know how to carry a sofa through a narrow doorway and how to fix the refrigerator in the car during transportation.

The warehouse has all the conditions for safe storage: round-the-clock security, constant temperature and humidity regulation. Each person’s items are stored on a separate pallet, without mixing with other belongings. Each pallet is separately packed in a film to secure things and to protect them.

​​All the stuff (in the "Cherdak") is insured. Insurance amount is 5,000 p. If something unexpected happens, and your items get damaged, we will refund the cost or pay the restoration. The total amount of compensation is a maximum of 50,000 p.

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