Where does “Cherdak” work?
Currently, we are working inside MKAD, but we soon will also be working outside of it. Follow us on Facebook, vKontakte and Instagram to keep up-to-date with the latest “Cherdak” news.
In what conditions do you store the belongings?
We will store your belongings in a warm and safe warehouse heated at a constant temperature of 20 degrees. The belongings are sorted by type and stored in a special way: bicycles, snowboards, and skis are stored in special mountings, flat boxes on shelf stand, furniture is placed on the ground floor of the rack
How are you packing the belongings?

We are using 15 types of professional packaging: boxes for small items, wardrobe boxes with hangers for clothing, packing blankets and stretch film for furniture, soft cushioning for items with sharp corners, paper fillers, air bubble film and foam for fragile items. We bring all of these materials with us and decide according to each item which is best fit to use.

At the time of delivery, we glue the barcode on each item being admitted and take photographs to document its condition. Additionally, all boxes are sealed with sealing tape to ensure their safety and that they will not open.

How do we calculate pricing?
We measure the items’ measurements on the spot and calculate the volume in cubic meters. The dimensions of items of complex shapes, such as a sofa, armchair or chair will be measured by the perimeter area. The movers will immediately inform you of the final pricing, and you can confirm it or change the number of items according to what you wish.
How do I know how much space I will need?
You can leave your contact details!. We will call you back, and together, we will calculate the sum of the storage of your belongings. For this, we will need a description or photos of the items which you would like to store.
Why is this so inexpensive?
The storage in the “Cherdak” is cheaper than it is to rent a self-storage cell. We store items properly and compactly: bicycles are on special mounts, flat boxes are on shelf stands, and we only consider the actual volume of things, so you do not overpay for the empty space. Our storage is located in the suburbs of Moscow where the rental price is lower than it is in the center!
What if I want to take my stuff back before the minimal period of storage is expired?
You can retrieve your belongings at anytime! It is important to note, however, that you will be charged for the sum of the time in which you reserved the storage space and, therefore, we will save your place in the warehouse until the end of the paid term.
What cannot be stored in the Cherdak?

We will not accept in “Cherdak”:

  • Perishables;
  • Jewelry;
  • Flammable material and explosive substances;
  • objects of art and other things that require special storage conditions;
  • electronics (iPhones, iPads and other devices that emit electromagnetic waves and transmit information);
  • chemical substances and fuel products;
  • industrial and household paints in leaky packaging or previously opened packaging;
  • liquids, except those in which are hermetically closed;
  • drugs, weapons, ammunition, and other things prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation or those which can be seized from the owner by a court decision;
  • plants;
  • animals or taxidermied animals.
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