Picking up and returning items

How to pick up items:

  • First pick-up is free and included with every package
  • The terminal at Stankolit Business Park is free. Skladochnaya street d.1s18
  • Second and subsequent pick up of items is 750 rubles for the packages of "Tires", "Bicycle", "Motorcycle"
  • Second and subsequent item pick up 1490 rub for the first hour of Cherdak team at your house plus 25 rub per minute after that

How to return items:

  • Free of charge through the terminal at Stankolit Business Park. Skladochnaya street d.1s18
  • Free of charge for “Tires”, “Bicycle”, “Motorcycle” packages
  • Return items to your house for just 1490 rub

Night time pick up:

Any mover’s work from 21:00 to 9:00 is +1000 rub in addition to current pricing.


The terminal is similar to a pick-up point. The items dropped off will get picked up from the warehouse every evening. Items ordered to the terminal are brought by the same vehicle. It is convenient to send and pick up small loads through the terminal. Plus, it's free.

If you have already ordered a package and forgot to add additional items, then you can easily deposit them through the terminal. The storekeeper will accept them, pack them up in a quality manner, and that same evening our machine will take them to the warehouse. They will automatically appear on your personal account.

If you want to hand over a cupboard, a washing machine, or leave other large items for storage, it is better to send them to the “Cherdak” with a paid receipt for transfer.

It is recommended to use the terminal if you want to pick up or give something away without it being tied to the home or the specific arrival time of the mover.

Address: : Moscow, Stankolit Business Park, Skladochnaya street, 1, p. 10

Opening hours: 9:00 — 20:00

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