Storage and delivery
We will take your items to our warehouse, keep them and
bring them back.
From 499 rub. per month
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When does Cherdak help?

«While I was renovating my two-room apartment, i handed over all my furniture to Cherdak, so that it didn’t get dusty and interfere with workers»
Alice, a café owner
«The movers transported all the items from a three-room apartment in one day and the ones we use rarely were sent to storage»
Sergey, entrepreneur
«I have sent tires and a snowboard to Cherdak for the summer. So I have freed up the balcony and I can have breakfast here! - I freed up the balcony and now I can have breakfast on it!»
Anna, startup manager

Storage cost

Tires or bike
499 rub. per month
Few items
from 990 rub. per month
Many items
from 6 490 rub. per month

Packaging materials, removal, loading and delivery to the warehouse is free of charge.

Pick-up of items: the first is free of charge, the following is 1490 rub. per work hour of the movers in your home.

Return of items: free of charge to the terminal or 1490 rub to your house

How does the “Cherdak” work?

1.Fill out an application on the website or over phone

2.We will calculate a suitable rate based on the volume of items

3.At a convenient time, a team of movers will come to you, pack your things, move them and take them to the warehouse

4.When one of your items is needed, request a return, and we will deliver it to anyplace in Moscow

Secure storage

  • 24 hour security and access with an entry permit only
  • Constant temperature and humidity, regular cleaning - Class A warehouse
  • Permanent video surveillance. 24 cameras in storage warehouse
  • An individual space for items of each client

We care about your items

  • We’re using 15 types of professional packaging materials to guarantee the safety of your items
  • Our movers are trained to pack and transport and treat the items carefully
  • We are responsible financially for your items
Find out the cost of storage
Leave your contact details and we will call you back to estimate the total storage price
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Easy moving with "Cherdak"


How do we calculate pricing?
We measure the items’ measurements on the spot and calculate the volume in cubic meters. The dimensions of items of complex shapes, such as a sofa, armchair or chair will be measured by the perimeter area. The movers will immediately inform you of the final pricing, and you can confirm it or change the number of items according to what you wish.
How does the pick up work?
You place an order through a website or application and link a credit card. Once the order was placed we will contact you to check all the details, and in the morning of the pickup day, we will call you to let you know about the proper time of movers’ arrival. Movers will come to you on an estimated day and time, will pack your stuff, will load it to the vehicle and will deliver it to the storage of the “Cherdak”.
How do I pay for the storage of items in the "Cherdak"?
You can pay for storage in the “Cherdak” with a credit card of any bank, it at checkout or in your account.
Any questions?